Music box for magic show

Still pretty new to GF, but I like this one: A music box enclosure made with GF poplar hardwood. The music box inside is replaceable (attached with velcro), for when I get sick of “Spanish Eyes.” On Amazon you can buy an 8-pack of them with different songs. Only 20 bucks.


I replaced the winding key with a turntable that screws in the same shaft (You can buy a bag of those as well for cheap). So I can put whatever I want on the turntable - the hand seems nice for now.

I also used GF to cut the red velvet for the cover. I’d like it to sit a little lower, but it looks better in real life than in the picture.

I made this music box for my miniature magic theater to play in between illusions.



Neat! :smile:

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This is very clever! Well done. I looked on amazon but couldn’t find the 8 pack - would you happen to have a link?

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Very nice! Yet another project to add to the list.


This is so redonkulously cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool. Though the hand is a bit creepy, and begs for a thousand hand jokes. “you had a hand in building it” “lets give a big hand…” “interesting handy work” etc


Amazing! I wonder if laser-made things could be incorporated into your illusions.

Perhaps show up wearing a Michael Jackson style glove and make vague references to a laser “Accident”?

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Or to your evil light saber wielding absentee father :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glowforge v-35 a mini light saber on a gantry.