Mx2 invisible joinery system



Very, but a bit weird.
It seems to me to be very clever, but you’re tied into a system that needs you to be continually buying one specific product probably from one specific supplier.
Doesn’t have a ‘universality’ for it to be widely adopted.

But interesting, yes.
My 2 cents.


I dunno. Seems to me that if you run out of their connectors you can always just use dowels and glue. :wink:


But you do lose the knock-down capability.
I several tables that have metal braced corner plates, and a bolt that’s embedded in each leg.
With wing nuts, it’s a simple matter to assemble the table, or take it apart, and this seems to be fairly common over here, in what I think was a 1940’s constructional method.
But this new method is very neat, I must admit, and could probably be developed further, if it turned out to be a desirable trait.
But you need to decide what are the circumstances where you need to disassemble a piece of furniture. There may be other routes to achieve that.
2 more cents.

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