My 1st attempt 3d mandala need glue suggestions

finally took the leap and tried a 3d mandala. Ive had my GF for a month now watching tons of videos reading posts learning GIMP INKSCAPE ugghhh. Decided to try this file. I need to glue it together i hear gorilla glue is the best ?


Gorilla glue foams as it dries, I probably wouldn’t use it here, it’s hard to control. That being said, there are a lot of gorilla glue products now, I am referring to the original.

You’d have to specify what materials you’re using to get a real recommendation. Curious to see how it turns out.


i was trying to post a pic but not sure how to do that on here. i used maple plywood from GF


That pic works, very cool.

As for gluing prefinished proofgrade plywood, I’m not super experienced with that. I would suspect a thick superglue might work pretty well, but I’m sure someone will be along soon to offer tested solutions.


Gorgeous piece! You really nailed the mandala.


thanks for the feedback :blush:

That looks really awesome…



A really beautiful piece. There are several cyanoacrylate (CA or super glue) glues and the Gorilla brand has a good one, and they also have a very good wood glue. The PG woods are prefinished and thus a bit resistant to any glue. However a couple passes with coarse sandpaper both gets through the finish and the scratches give the glue a good place to bite.

Working wood on wood I have found that wood glue works best (duh) as it works itself in, even as it dries slower, where CA glue works best where one surface at least is impervious. IMHO


thanks so much! :grin:

Beautiful design!


It’s lovely! If I didn’t want to sand … I would use super glue also. I really like Gorilla Super Glue Gel.


In the old days that was true. Now they have a half-dozen different glues including CA ones. One of Gorilla’s seems to be a copycat of E6000 which is my go to glue when CA isn’t right.

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That being said, there are a lot of gorilla glue products now, I am referring to the original.

Those are really spectacular!

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I do a lot of layered glueing on wood. My choice to use is the gorilla wood glue. Dries clear and doesn’t expand. Really firm hold with a really thin layer.


Where you do not mind the foam or if you have large gaps it works better than anything else. I glued a magnet to a piece of wood before finding it was a hair too small and have tried all I can think of to separate them but not found the key yet.

I know how you can at least get the magnet back…