My Acrylic Palette - Suppliers List

Per request: I’ve purchased them piecemeal from all over. I’m in the US, and for some reason there’s not a wide variety of lush colors available through US suppliers - so I order many from Etsy or Ebay. Unfortunately that means they’re pricey or have high shipping costs.

See photos below of the chips from the majority of my collection:

Cerulean Tides (USA)
iMaterials (Etsy - China)
Rothko & Frost (UK)
SouthernAcrylic (Ebay - UK)
CraftCloset (Etsy - USA)
MODFYbuild (USA)
TAP Plastics (USA)
Galaxy Plastics (USA)
Houston Acrylics (USA)

My favorite supplier by far is Galaxy Plastics from Virginia USA. I get my pearl and “stone” sheets there. They’re cast, not extruded, and these plastics cut/engrave beautifully. Stunning, vibrant colors whether lit from the front or back. Very good quality stuff - highly recommend.

I love the double-sided (glossy/matte opaque) pastel Perspex. I originally purchased those from ebay (UK) and Slice (AU) because I couldn’t find a supplier in the US. The colors are creamy and rich, the texture on the matte side is like velvet. This stuff cuts/engraves beautifully. It’s the best and most consistent quality of any product I own. I am obsessed with this stuff! US suppliers: makers want a wide variety of pretty supplies! Edit: several of the matte/gloss pastels are available through Cerulean Tides, and a range of lighter matte/gloss pastels are available through Houston Acrylics see comparisons below.

The “ice” frosted colors from MODFYbuild are really gorgeous - photos don’t do them justice. Unfortunately they’re sold out frequently.

iMaterials has a great selection of colors and finishes and they arrive fairly quickly considering they ship from Asia. Note: the “minerals” line (cracked ice) scorches and does not engrave well at all, even when carefully masked. Especially the lighter colors.

Some colors worth noting that I’m hunting for a US supplier for are the “Royals Silk” like from wholesalePOS Ebay UK. They are semi-translucent colors with a fine metallic/shimmer coating.

I only have one sheet of sandwiched celluloid (UK). It’s stunning, but I’m not brave enough to engrave that one at all.

If anyone else has sources for their own acrylics, please feel free to share - link on another post or comment in this thread.

Edit to include Houston Acrylics and Cerulean Tides order plus color comparisons:

I receive my order from Houston Acrylics and Cerulean Tides. They both shipped very quickly. I’m pleased with the materials and the orders. The tortoiseshell is especially beautiful. I also got some thins (in black and white) for backing mosaics and an iridescent coated sheet. All cut and engraved well.

The pastels comparison results:
Unsure of who manufactures Houston’s pastel line (possibly UNIWAI?), but they are quite a bit paler and more muted than the Perspex line. This could be a good thing, depending on your projects of course. Cerulean Tides does carrt several of the Perspex pastel colors and several of the UNIWAI pastels! They call their Perspex line “Bold” pastels. I’ve included side-by-sides of the few colors I purchased, compared to their near-counterparts in the Perspex line. Thank you to everyone who shared their own suppliers. From this post I was able to track down several acrylics I thought weren’t available in the US. I compared a few colors below:

Edited again to give a supplier chart with names. To get an idea of each color/finish, the chips are photographed in ambient light, with a circle in the center taken with a flash. The supplier’s websites probably have better quality images, but this is for quick reference:


Super informative, thanks!


WOW—- your post is beyond informative!!

You are being given the Glowforge Super Hero award.


Thank you for all the information!


Definitely bookmarking to use!! Thanks for the info. You are the acrylic queen!


Thank you so much. Definitely bookmark worthy!

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Thank you for this! I love how you engraved each sample so you can see exactly what the results will look like. Brilliant!


For some fairly standard colors - clears, boring plain colors, boring translucent colors, silver mirror, smoky, and fluorescents, is where I buy from. Hot pink ( aka fluorescent red) is $8.50 for a 12x24" sheet.

How do you order from Galaxy Plastic? I could see using the third down in the Galaxy pearls column for a project I’m working on right now! Do you remember a ~price for the pearls?


Thank you for the link! Good prices.

Unfortunately, Galaxy isn’t really set up for online ordering. You have to contact them, tell them what you’re interested in, they get back to you with prices then you phone in your card. I’m hoping they get online purchasing set up some time. I think it would be good for business. Normally I don’t like ordering that way, but I was desperate for a wider range of pearl colors.

They come in 12x18 and 12x12s. I get them in smaller sheets (easier for me to store). Those were 13.50 ea. Plus shipping. They’re quick to respond. Not sure how much the 12x18s are.


Houston acrylic has some interesting options


Nice list! Here’s two that I’ve bought from as well.

This one has a lot of colorful patterned wood (sublimated I believe) as well as acrylic. Don’t know why the link preview isn’t working though. :-/

and then this one


Great links. Thanks for sharing. I really love the wood-patterned stuff.

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Thanks for the resources. This is great!

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Wow! Your sample chips are amazing. Thanks for the info. Saved!

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Nice! I just used some HTV similar to their Serape Fiesta Blanket specialty acrylic. Adding to the list, TY!

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I saw your pastel samples were from the UK, and you should check out the pastel line from WAI Supplies. They look pretty similar and it’d be interesting the price difference.

Edited: Oh wait, I just saw your stuff is matte on one side and the WAI is glossy. Matte acrylic makes me swoon and I wish other suppliers had more options for it! Now I’m off to find your
Ebay supplier lol.

How do you like the quality of Craft Closet?

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I did see a handful of double-sided (glossy/matte) pastel colors listed on Houston Acrylics (thank you, @jaugstman). They look very similar to the double-sided Perspex pastel palette, so I ordered a few sheets from them to compare (edited original post to include order).

Additionally, on Houston Acrylic’s site, the prices for a 12x20 (equivalent) sheet is roughly half what you’d pay getting it from the UK on ebay. So… again, thank you, @jaugstman!

I only purchased one color from CraftCloset so far. It’s the “Fairy Dust” 1-sided glitter. Shipped super fast. Pleased with the purchase. As far as the material:

It’s a really pretty lilac opaque with what looks like a semi-opaque fine white glitter. The effect is a really pale silvery-lavender glitter surface, that when etched reveals the lilac color underneath. It’s really stunning. Hard to get a decent pic or video. I’d love to find this material in other colors. If anyone has seen anything like it in other colors, let me know!


Thank you very much!! The information is very valuable and the pictures were perfect. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Thank you for sharing this! Once my machine arrives I’ll defiantly be ordering some acrylic from a couple of these stores. This was a very helpful guide!

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@PocoBoho I wanted to thank you for your post!! I’ve had it open on my iPad for some time. Wanting to absorb every detail … I walked by until a later date!

Since I’ve only used acrylics to make LED engraves and really only two things with a glue-up involved, I am a bit behind on acrylic exploration. I have a considerable amount of Glowforge acrylic purchased over the last five years. I’m anxious to try some of these beautiful selections for inlays or puzzles or … whatever I come up with!