My Almost-Clock


Stunning! Have to say I really like the mahogany stain … The contrast of it all!


Oooooohhhh, this is really, really nice! Beautiful contrast in the layers.


Beautiful. I love the selection of wood.


Great work!
I like the idea of cutting your own hands. For good contrast the two color acrylics spring to mind… Just which ones. :thinking:


The acrylic would need to be really thin, though…at least, for any of the clock movements I’ve ever used!




Stunning. Great design and nice work! So cool to use such an array of materials in one piece!


I have use the Inventables black on gold that’s like a heavier card stock, .024".


Nice, I didn’t realize you could get it that thin!


That is OH so nice. Beautiful choices!


A really beautify piece :heart_eyes:
As nice as it is perhaps you could put the hands in back and light up LEDs in the tiny holes as the hand made the electrical connection as it swept by :thinking:


I would go with black hands on the clock. At first glance it would look like a beautiful piece of art . . . then “Voila!” you realize it’s a functional clock too.


It’s finally a clock! And I kinda don’t even care anymore whether it’s hard to see the hands. :wink:


That looks wonderful, great job.


Not as difficult as I might have thought but I can hear already " Oh Wow! It’s also a clock!" teally beautiful!


Looks great!! Some materials I’ve used for clock hands are Rowmark’s LaserMax and LaserMark two color plastic sheets, they have a ton of color combinations and they’re thin and sturdy, you should check them out. Johnson Plastics carry them.


Nice choice on the hands. It’s a gorgeous piece!


That is really beautiful! And I agree…nice choice for the hands. I does indeed look like just a gorgeous piece of wall art that just so happens to also tell time. Nice work!


I used a red hand movement for mine. It sold on Etsy recently and I think I priced it too low!


That brass should work; gonna have to keep it shiny!