My Almost-Clock


It’s not quite a clock yet, because I miscalculated the shaft length by a hair and need to order a different movement. Also I’m a little worried about whether the hands are going to be too hard to see because of the busyness of the design…guess I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it! :wink:

The layers are (back to front) mahogany-stained Baltic birch, PG walnut ply (lightly sanded and sprayed with laquer because the finish wasn’t quite “finished” enough to make me happy), PG cherry ply, gold mirrored acrylic, PG maple, and PG black acrylic.


EDIT: Forgot to mention that it’s 12" in diameter. The BB layer is pieced together so I could fit it on the bed.


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The layers look amazing.


The use of colors and different materials looks amazing. What color hands are you thinking of using?


Oh yeah, that’s cool! :sunglasses:


I had a choice between brass and black. I went for brass, but I suspect I may have to paint them white. Or possibly neon green… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Neon green would be easy to see. :+1:


Yeah, not quite the “classy” look I was going to, but if it’s the only way…


Maybe you could figure out a faux copper patina? Blue-green should stand out.


Hmmm, that might work…thanks!




we need a WOW button!!!


Edge-lit acrylic clock hands :wink:




Right??? That would be awesome. :wink:

I’ve been trying to think of GF-able materials that would be thin enough but stiff enough for clock hands, so I could just cut my own.


Really pretty!


Geez, you’re embarrassing us old timers! Fantastic!


Okay, that took me a minute. Voice to text? :joy:

Aww, you fixed it. It was a good mental exercise the way it was!


Yeah, I’m on the iPad and pushed send too soon it’s fixed now .


Beautiful looking piece.