My Basic is shipping!

Hooray! Now a quick question, we’re thinking of having our unit held by UPS for pickup, due to:
A. Having an appointment when it is scheduled to show up
B. Wanting to avoid UPS holiday workers trying to deliver it… (After reading about some other last mile delivery issues on here…)

The car we have can only fit the forge in it if we put it on it’s side in the back seat. Would that be an issue? Worse case I can borrow a larger vehicle to put it in the back… but that has other logistics issues.

In any case, I’m super excited for next week now :smiley:


With a disclamer. Almost every Glowforge I have seen including my own has been on it’s side or end during shipment so in your car should not be an issue.
I picked mine up at UPS. went very smoothly.
Don’t forget that you will have 2 boxes.


Officially im sure the company would prefer it wasn’t but we have seen pictures of the boxes being on their end and on their ear. Pretty obvious they have been subjected to every conceivable orientation during shipping, so my guess is it would survive it.


I would think care vs orientation is the major consideration. And as a side bet --> it will probably be brought out to you on its end anyway. :sunglasses:


Congrats! :smile:

(When you get it, it’s not a bad idea to gently turn it in the correct orientation and let it sit for several hours or overnight to get temperature acclimated and let the liquids settle. I realize that’s probably asking more than most people will be capable of after this long, but it does cut down on setup problems.) :wink:


Hehe… thanks!

What is funny is our space for it isn’t quite ready, so it may have to sit over night anyway while we finish up where it will sit and our ventilation solution. (The timeline got moved up rather quickly and it shipped much faster than anticipated. No complaints though :smiley: )


Mine arrived (of course) while my computer was experiencing a complete collapse of the video card - had to wait a couple of days for the replacement card and get that squared away before I could even set it up. :smile:


you fall victim to the mining induced card shortage?

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No, holidays. This one had obviously been mined and stockpiled for some time - significant box damage and dust. :wink:

Interesting. Blockchain miners were just sucking up the supply of good graphics cards earlier this year. The GPUs are almost tailor made for mining calcs. That’s all the altcoin space now - Bitcoin mining requires ASICs due to the complexity of the calculations (and because there are ASICs, the complexity grows and that requires new ASICs which causes the complexity to grow…)

It’s been an arms race on the blockchain mining front vs the manufacturers for either ASICs or video/gaming GPUs. When someone is buying 8 cards for every machine they build, it throws off the manufacturing projections enormously compared to thinking there’s a 1 to 1 relationship that’s normal in building gaming PCs.

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I was actually trying for a joke…mining, gold and silver, stockpiles…
Never mind… :smile:

I need to get out more, i had no idea video cards were getting Bitcoined…something tells me that whole gig is going to come crashing down around someone’s ears one day…


Lots of people thought you had to go into dark caves and chip the cards out of the ground with the shortages the blockchain miners were causing.

Bitcoins used to be mined with video cards (and before that with simple CPU cycles) now we use custom designed chipsets (ASICs) that have a life-span of about a year before they are surpassed with the next generation with triple the speed and lower power demands. It’s a computing arms race.

Bitcoin is just one implementation of blockchain. For a lot of reasons they may actually become a world currency (or as you say come crashing down like the Tulip craze). But blockchain technology has some really fundamental disruptive potential - think of it as a world computer. What if instead of 1 or 5 or even 10 computers running a piece of software, there were 150 million of them running it watching to see if your credit card turned up in Botswana or your missing kid was caught on camera in a 7-11 in Boise? It may well be Internet 3.0

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I, for one, welcome our new benevolent computer overlords. Hail Skynet!!