My Basic should be delivered to me in NYC Friday, but I think I'd like to sell it

I pre-ordered a Basic thinking I’d use it for work, but now I’m doing something else and honestly don’t think I have anywhere I can use it. I also have an air filter coming, but who knows when that will show up. I’ll probably just cancel that order if I do sell.

I’m going to keep it packed up in the original box at my office in SoHo in NYC. I’d sell it at the same price Glowforge is selling them… $4000, but will also include all of the extra Proofgrade materials they threw in, which have already arrived:

Four 6"x12" sheets of Medium Maple Hardwood
Four 12"x20" sheets of Medium Maple Plywood
Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Draftboard
Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Clear Acrylic
One 12"x20" sheet of Walnut Veneer, with 3M tape
One 12"x20" sheet of Maple Veneer, with 3M tape
Two 5"x10" sheets of Natural Leather
One piece of draftboard for debugging purposes

Plus there’s a $50 code at Inventables.

I’m not interested in shipping it, so you’d have to pick it up from me in Manhattan.


This all sounds totally reasonable.
Just to state the obvious, since everyone who can post here (by definition) already has a Glowforge you should include some other way of contacting you so the rest of the internet can get in touch and buy it! I think you might be better off advertising locally though. I have had good luck selling on craigslist, and there have already been a few machines sold on ebay.

Good luck!


Perhaps you should order as much material as you have credit for from the $20 / month wait to sweeten the deal.
Good luck.


If you start using it, you won’t want to sell it! Think Twice, maybe not Sell Once!

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Yeah I know, but I figured may be people like me who lurks on boards for products that they are researching or waiting on…or other owners who would like additional units for a lab, maker space, etc. :wink:

@PrintToLaser I’m not sure what you mean by the $20/month wait credit? Is that for the filter?

No, not the filter. It depends on when you ordered, but if you were a customer at the second delay I think it was, we got $20 a month credit until we agreed to shipment.

Oh right. Too late I already expressed interest in having my delivered! It’s en route.

I have a friend that might be interested. I’ve texted him to see. If so, I can come get it. Or, I could take it for my shore house.


I have a glowforge. It’s awesome and I love it. And yet every time someone posts one for sale, I’m really tempted to buy it. As if I need two. Like, one glowforge is great, but I need a whole… herd of glowforges. Gaggle. Foundry? Yeah, I need a whole foundry of 'forges.


Not too late. Login to the store and see what your credit is. You already earned it so you can order another pile of PG to go with it.

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