My BB-8 Escutcheon (but in R2 colors for now)

Here’s the test print with draftboard for now:

Found a clip art online, traced it in Inkscape and converted the outline and eye hole to cut paths. Came out reasonable enough on the draftboard.

I’m now working on the “final” version, will post that here soon…


Here’s the “final” version done with Inventables two color blue on white 1/16 inch acrylic.

Here’s what it looked like before any cleanup. I opted to peal back the plactic film they ship it with, because engraving looks terrible if you don’t. Most of the mess just wiped away with a cloth, although I think I should have rinsed it first because wiping it left some blue streaks in the white areas.

This is what it looked like after wiping it with a cloth, then rinsing and rubbing a little with the cloth.

I ended up using a little 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol poured into the cloth and then using that to rub out the blue streaks in the white. It worked well and took only a minute or two total.

The settings are used were the ones @pdobrien said he used for his One Ring Escutcheon the gold on black Acrylic. Although, I did try increasing the cut power to 75, but it still didn’t quite cut all the way through. It was still easy to “pop out”.

I’m pretty happy with the result, however I’d like to get a higher quality (more details, better resolution) artwork for a future revision.


Looks great, but did you mean BB-8? (R2 doesn’t have antennas on his dome).

Well, R2 does have some things that do end up sticking out of his dome sometimes. The source art called itself R2-D2, but you are right it is BB-8. The colors are R2-D2 based, but now I need to make a version with orange on white (if I can get it).

I fixed the title. I should be ashamed of myself for mixing this up, I am a huge Star Wars nerd with R2-D2’s and BB-8s all over my house. :smiley:


No worries. I thought it looked really great.

I’m sure there is a BB droid that is blue and white in the Star Wars universe. Maybe you can call it BB-G or BB-GF and not have to change a thing.


Inventables doesn’t have and orange on white or white on orange 2 color acrylic sheets, so I can’t do the same thing as this to get a proper orange BB-8, but I could use multiple sheets and and layer/stacking to create something. We’ll see.

I’m leaving this one on there for now, for sure, but I’m the kind of person that will want several and rotate them out over time.

Ooooooo, looks fantastic! I really like that blue on white acrylic.

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Really like that effect with the two tone acrylic. (And I’m not as much of a current Star Wars nerd as some of the other folks here, but your BB-D2 looks pretty great to me.) :wink:


This is really fun! We need a proper escutcheon gallery these days.


Maybe everyone should use their escutcheon their avatar or as the top banner on their profile page


Thought you might enjoy this concept art for R2-D2 at the Star Wars art exhibit in Denver last year…


Thanks for sharing those. Very neat!

Wow! The only thing missing is a gif of the “eye” glowing when waiting for a print :astonished:. I really really like this!

I LOVED that exhibit. Not only did I completely geek out over the sense of history and the quality of the costumes, I also realized that my entire fashion aesthetic is based on my childhood memory of seeing Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi for the first time.

Seriously, I would still wear this outfit every day.



Just for you:


YAAAAAS! That’s one of the best things I’ve seen on this forum. Kudos to you, sir. :heart: