My boy



@rebecca, Ingo thanks you for the kind words.
He would love it there!


He might be like a 5 year-old in the ball bin at McDonalds. :smile:


I’ll bet after some time playing, he slept like a rock.


Cut open the bottom of your GF, laser some eyes on the rock, and he will have a new beat friend to roll around the yard.


Rocks laser great fwiw. Posted a picture of that here ages ago.


I think your referencing?


How old is Ingo now?? He’s so adorable! :slight_smile:


He is 5 years 6 months. But still loves the sofa…


He is so handsome. Here’s my familiar: Rumi Cole. 14 years old I rescued in Boulder last fall and brought him back from vacation.


My lil Gibson, and the new one, one is 5 months the or 5 years. I’ll let figure out which is which.
Found him behind the factory I use to work at. The name is either a reference to the booze, the actor, or the movie “Hackers”. I let people decide.


This just made me LOL!
First thing I thought of…


This is my boy. He is a fireball. Can’t wait to personalize all his things.


“I can play this game” I thought, before spending all afternoon organizing old photos.:confounded:
Here’s my boy: 12 year old mutt, rescued 11 years ago.


William Gibson, #1 currently active writer in my canon.


I tried to resist posting in this thread, but then I saw the post above about laser cutting personalized pet items and that was the push I needed to make it “on topic”…hehehe. Here are our two rescues, Bueller and Elsa. We also have a pond full of fish (each with their own name) as well as three chickens that are also family pets.





Lol. Is it wrong that I kind of want her to turn out a little bit like “boomerang girl” from “Mad Max”?


Fantastic. My mom’s dog’s favorite ball happens to be an old bowling ball.


Tesla, In a box. She loves her boxes.

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