My brain hurts

Last night I stumbled upon a video showing a puzzle where just rotating the four pieces allowed for a fifth piece to be added. Figuring it had to be a trick, I grabbed a still frame and imported it into the Glowforge app, then traced over it with two lines and a square. I made the cuts and… It’s real?

So I did a little digging. It’s called Matsuyama’s Paradox. I went back into the app, figured out the size I needed for the fifth piece, did a little additional design work and here’s the result:

Both are made with identical cuts, but the numbered corners are orientated 180 degrees out.

Here’s the file if you want to play (Thanks for the tip, @lightner )


Kerf is real, folks.


Okay. I thought it was the design, but my brain STILL hurts trying to find out how to share an SVG file here… There’s a whole category of shared designs, and I have one that I exported from my dashboard. But when I try to drag it in - OR use the “upload” button - I see it in the edit window, but it never shows up in the final message.

I’m sure it’s something simple, but the trusty magnifying glass at the top has led me on a BUNCH of wild goose chases and I think you people are my best option… SOMEBODY must know what I’m missing!

It may be there but REALLY small. Put it in a ZIP file and then post the ZIP file. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, it is tiny. You can see it if you highlight your original message. Apparently you can resize them when you post them by putting some extra zeroes somewhere…that also isn’t something I have done yet.

You’ll see something like “…filename|20x30]…” in the upload link line that gets inserted when you’re adding a file. Add a 0 or two to each of the #s before/after the x. Something like 200x300 - it’ll scale up the thumbnail.