My car journey continues

Hello everyone, we continue the vehicle ornament experience, after doing the BMW another one of my buddies took a random truck he found online and asked me to try and make it for him. I must say it came out very good. IMG_0837


Those are really good. What setting did you use for the engrave?

Sorry I forgot, if you share the settings you have to post in a different section. If you don’t mind messaging me instead of posting it. Just curious how you got such good lines without it going too deep.

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Well the settings are basic engraving medium draft-board. The step before that is the trick, now it all depends on how much work you want to put in and how clean you want the cuts to be. First use its’s a free internet base web page that helps you trace the designs and turn them into SVG. images. (which is what the glow forge program recognizes as lines) I will add some screenshots of the process…!

Picsvg home page|690x356

this is how the page looks like, you will click upload images. (make sure you don’t click on any adds :smile: ) then you will chose your image or picture…

once the picture is uploaded scroll down and look for the image. on the top you of the image you will see two buttons .

Detail with two options.

  • Great
  • Strong
    and the other is Filters, this will give you 7 settings to chose from as seen below.
  • Invert #1
  • Invert #2
  • Invert #3
  • Invert #4
  • Ready #1
  • Ready #2
  • Ready #3

Play with the two and see which one works for you. Depending on how clean you want the image sometimes it might have some small dots or extra parts of an image that you don’t want printed. If you want to get fancy, I usually save my image and open it on Inkscape (also a free downloadable program similar to Illustrator) and i clean it up there. I hope this helps, happy engraving.


Thank you. I think that website will come in handy. Might have to play with that later.

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Have fun :slight_smile:

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Nice engraving!

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Thank you more on the way.

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Hey what settings did you use?

Damn…that’s nice! Love the truck as well!