My Etsy Finally Looks Good

I set my Etsy account up a while ago, and uploaded things here and there, mostly when someone wanted something specific. I had planned on finally updating it this weekend, but my wife informed me that we’re going to the zoo on Saturday, so since she’s the boss, I decided to spend last night and today on getting pictures and the edits done. It still needs some more pics, like models and more details, but I feel good about where it’s at, especially in comparison to where it was.

I always am grateful when I think about the opportunities this machine has brought me, and want to give a huge thanks to the teams working hard to live up to the crazy expectations that are put on them.

Here are a couple of my favorite items, as well as a shot of the shop.


Here’s a link for any curious eyes to see the rest of the shop:


It looks good. Best of luck, and enjoy the zoo.


Very nice designs! Best of luck!


Nice work @raymondking32! Congrats on your shop. Your card designs also make it look very professional.


Looks great and very organized. …and now i need to update my shop.


Nice. And cohesive!

If I could offer one suggestion, it would be to crop your thumbnails a bit tighter for the overview page.

The details of your stuff is so great, and you miss a lot of that, I think, with the looser crop.

The crop looks rougher because I just cropped the thumbnail image but I think it shows off the detail a bit better when you are browsing the gallery page (especially on mobile).

image image


Looks great! and it really shows off your work!


I agree with this, and I’d go even farther to say that you may want to take a photo of just one set of earrings, especially if they are small, so you can really zoom in. When people are browsing through a million Etsy images, you want to catch their eye.

All that said, I love your product cards and how clean your designs are. Congrats on getting the shop up!


I was trying to work with what he has. :slight_smile: but I agree. That would probably be optimal. Anything to enhance the detail in the thumbnail view - since that’s what sells these.


I figured as much, but I thought I’d still throw that out there to consider moving forward. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Etsy and zooming in a LOT. Of course, I’m getting to an age where I can’t see what’s right in front of my nose, but still…


I sure hope so, because the laser likes to take its sweet time in cutting and engraving them :sweat_smile:

When you do, share it, I’d love to see yours!

Great suggestion, aesthetically I really liked the size, but now that you mention it, I think you and @ChristyM are totally right. I’m not an Etsy veteran, so I’ll have to do some more research. I just wanted to get it updated, so the next thing to do is tweak it. Keep up the suggestions, I really appreciate them!

The second photo of each item is a single, so maybe I’ll swap them around and do the crop that JB suggests. I’ll play with it some more - I’m just happy to have some awesome feedback.


NIce start on the shop, and great designs & cards they are on!

You’re already getting good advice for the shop–lots of suggestions in the Etsy forums and user guides, too. One thing I didn’t see mentioned, the white acrylic on white card–very hard to see design! I’d suggest using a dark card with the lighter earrings, and light with dark.

And I’m a fan of grey background vs. stark white (I use honed grey limestone tiles for my leather goods) but since the material of the earrings and cards have so much natural texture, a smoother background may be better? Just an opinion. That, or less of the background so less competition between the texture of the background and your earrings themselves.

And as you’ve already noted, first pic should be of only a pair that are being sold–then other pics can show options with multiple pairs if there’s color choice or anything–otherwise showing more than one pair the price is for can be confusing as to what is included with the price–don’t assume folks will read the description. As someone once wrote in the forum, which I love to quote “take pictures like there is no description, and write the description like there are no photos”.

And as a consumer, a shot of the back of the earring itself would be great, especially with post earrings, I like to know where the post is in relation to the earring–center, or at the top? Affects how it fits on the ear and can look…

And include a shot with something common, like a quarter, for scale. Make use of as many of the 10 pics that are allowed!

Good luck! Great designs.
And use tags… and patience. Etsy is huge, and jewelry is very competitive category within, but it’s a great opportunity for your items to be found globally!


Great collection. Hope you do well.


Good luck on your new venture


Great assortment of designs. You have been busy :slight_smile: Always a fan of the cards (and logo).
Hope the zoo was a success.


Some beautiful earrings. A zoom in, will make them zoom out of the shop for sure. They are all very, very nice.


Still early over here, so we haven’t made it out of the door yet, but we’re about to. The baby had a fever last night, so hopefully he enjoys the zoo. He isn’t as fussy today as last night, so we’ll see!


Hope all goes well!

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It went well, and besides it being a crazy hot day, we had a good time :+1:t4: