My family picture frame

My daughter who moved to Texas about 30 years ago, to have nine children, sent me a family picture including two in-laws and my first great grand child so it needed a special frame. Cherry plywood for the front, two pieces of draft board for spacers, one pieces of acrylic, one piece of cardboard for the back and then two more pieces of draft board for the stand. Hey, it was a piece of cake I got a glowforge.


Nice work! Congratulations on Great-Grandhood!


Excellent job! …Now I’m wondering how many it takes to be considered a “mob”? :wink:

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Perfect! It’s so cool to be able to personalize a frame with just the right phrase.

Great Photo and a very nice design! Congrats!

Great frame and I love the easel! :grinning:

Awesome picture … Deserving of your awesome frame!

Great job :clap:. This is just what I was looking for. I need to know how the back side of the frame worked. But just 2 questions. Why two spacer and how idoes everything stay together. Thank you in advance.


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The spacers are glued to the back of the frame and the back is just taped in place.

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