My first 24 hours!

Picked up my glowforge yesterday and have been having a blast with it! It’s so amazing how easy this thing is to use! I’m very happy with it. Here are some of the things I’ve made so far!


Very nice use of your first 24. I have yet to hit the plexi.


Great projects!(Neat take on Tic Tac Toe) :grinning:



All the Zelda engraves are great, especially the Lon Lon ranch on acrylic! I made a Majora’s moon
Whiteboard magnet earlier to mark those pesky Deadlines. Thought you might appreciate it



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Thanks! I think the plexi might be my favorite!

Haha I love it! I plan on making earrings on acrylic with the moon! Also have a design with the mirror shield on it as well. Guess it’s obvious I’m a huge Zelda nerd.

Thanks! I got the idea from my sister, she wants a custom tic tac toe board. Not Zelda, but something else. Also I haven’t figured out how to reply to multiple people in one post yet, haha sorry for all the replies.

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That sounds great. If you engrave the Mirror shield onto acrylic and then silver the back with some Mirror in a can, that could end up being pretty nifty.


Ooh I had no idea mirror in a can existed! Ha! I have some mirrored acrylic on the way. Silver and gold. (Gold for the triforce and maybe the Link the the past mirror shield?) haha. But maybe I can try it your way too and see which looks best. Thanks for the tip!

I see someone is a Zelda fan :slight_smile: can’t have enough of those!

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Great first day!

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Did you eat or sleep at all? Amazing output for one day. I like the bold graphics.

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Those are awesome! Love the tic-tac-toe board. :smiley:

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Amazing first day … especially love the tic tac toe!

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Those beasts look devine! Nice work!:+1::+1:

Haha that made me laugh. Thanks everyone! Yes I did eat and sleep and managed to feed my kids as well.

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