My first backlit shadowbox of a friend's engagement

Hi All,

I’ve had my GF since about April and have been tinkering away with many experimentations. It wasn’t until recently that I actually finished a project that was given as a gift to some good friends of mine.

Just for some backstory, the image that I used is one that I took. I had the privilege of taking photos the night he proposed.

So, I took and vectorized the photo of him on one knee, then scouted the internets for photos of the gazebo he proposed in–vectorized them–then layered it all together with 1/4" foamboard between the pieces of cutout cardstock.

Overall, this took about 15 hours of design work and about 5 hours of experimentation with constructing the box, getting the lighting just right, routing the wires, etc. In the end, I don’t think I could be more pleased.

The hardest part was getting the design just right and the setting dialed in to cut the paper without burning it. Too many times did the bottom part of the lyres end up just burning like a fuse as the laser cut around.

At any rate, here it is, with their names in the railing and all!


What a deeply thoughtful and generous gift!

I haven’t tried it yet, but cutting paper atop acrylic apparently eliminates the edge char… I just found some old scarred acrylic suitable for such work.


Stunning! I will keep this in mind for future projects!

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Love how you integrated the names! Great job!


Whoa that looks a lot like my proposal! I almost thought it was mine…haha. Anyway, very thoughtful gift. Amazing work!

A pic from my proposal, a little different, but thanks for the reminder of a great night :grin:


Looks amazing! Well done!


That is such a wonderful gift, a brilliant idea and gorgeous execution. I would like to say that I’ll try to make one one day myself, but I could never do this concept justice. #blownaway!

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My rule is I’ll come to your wedding, I’ll be in your wedding, but if you can’t make it last two years I expect a full refund of both my money and the time I spend on it. So far a lot of weddings and no requests for a refund.

If I did that I’d have to extend my rule to a decade at least. Beautiful job.


Now that is very well done. Excellent job. It will surely be loved.

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You did an amazing job with this.


Such a beautiful project! Love that you added their names … It is well thought out and executed.


Such a heartwarming and beautifully crafted gift! The end result looks absolutely magical.


wow. that’s just beautiful. I am sure they will cherish it forever!
I’m still in the tinkering stages but hope to get there soon. What speed/power did you end up with on the card stock? I find it hard to not make fire on anything intricate…

For intricate paper work you will probably want to engrave away the paper rather than use cut. Search Beyond the Manual for settings. There are plenty there.