My first box!


my first foray into box creating! I made some mistakes with the design layout, so the base & lid ended up being too small after I put the box together, but that became a new design which ended up looking cooler, lol! lemons=lemonade! I’ll post my other creations too, but im super happy with how my first one came out


Beautiful design! :grinning:


Very Happy accident. it looks fantastic!


I really like your engraving on the top and sides. :grinning:


Nice work! :sunglasses:


Yeah. One of the perks of all this.

Every now and again you actually feel good about an Oopsie.

That looks awesome. Great job.


Looks great!


That’s wonderful!


Oh, it’s beautiful! Keep making boxes!


Excellent save! Can’t be wasting material. Great design, like the hinges.


Nice! Especially like the additional engraving on the sides.


not much else to say…everyone says it for me…nice job and great engravings