My first craft Show with my Glowforge made crafts



My first craft Show with my Glowforge made crafts. Here is a video of my first craft show. I haven’t had my Glowforge long so I will have more things the longer I have it. I LOVE my Glowforge. @bailey, @dan


Very nice! I LOVE how those leaves came out–they are really gorgeous!


Thanks @cynd11, I plan on making more of different types of leaves an more snowflake designs. I have been dreaming of making these for almost 2 years. it feels good to finally get to make them.


Love that fox photo too! :grinning:


Thanks Jules, I am sure he will find his way onto a laser craft soon.


Thanks for sharing! Your work is both lovely and inspiring!


WOW! Very nice!!


So great! Thanks for tagging me!