My first creation - bunny keychain

Hello everyone! We just got our GlowForge yesterday :star_struck:

This is my first custom creation, a keychain of my bunny character. Still getting the hang of importing files and learning the ways, but hey at least I’m putting my art degree to good use :rofl:

I just used the basic draft board and colored the ribbon with marker. Any more I make will be on better wood and either paint the ribbon or maybe inlay some pink acrylic….oooh the possibilities!

Can’t wait to create more and have fun with my fellow Forgers (is that what we are called??)


@suzybee welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your first cute little new creation, I look forward to see more from you!


Welcome to the forum and the community of people with Glowforges.

I like your bunny character, and I look forward to seeing how your art degree is brought to life with a laser.


Welcome to the forum. You will have a lot of fun here.


Welcome to the community! The bunny is great…nice first project. Looking forward to seeing more things that you make.


Very cute! Welcome to the forum!


Beautiful first piece, welcome to the community! Honestly, I love marker on draftboard, it’s almost exclusively all I do anymore! Have some scraps handy to test the color though, most inks will darken and shift in color when they absorb and pick up the brown from the material. I have decent luck with colored pencil for lighter colors like white, and they give it a bit of a sheen, so you can get different effects that way, too. Paint and I haven’t been on good terms lately!

Have fun experimenting! Oh, and I personally think the title of “Lasermancer” sounds better, but “Forger” works, too :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club.
Have fun and do not avoid the rabbit holes. Wandering around for hours looking at inspiration is a good thing (as you are probably aware, being an artist).


Welcome! I love this little bunny, looking forward to seeing more of your work!


You can always tell which folks have art training—they always seem able to nail the laser process right out of the gate. Love your bunny and can’t wait to see what’s next from you.

By the way, you might give colored pencils a try. I think Draftboard is a perfect surface for those—the tooth really grabs the color.


Aww thanks everyone!

I can’t wait to try using colored pencils!

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeming more of your work!


Great bunny!

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Adorable!! Welcome to the forum!

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Great job! It’s very cute. :heart::clap: