My first cut with Proofgrade Clear Acrylic

I made my first cut with the Proofgrade Clear Acrylic I received in my kit this afternoon.
I made a couple of key chains from some fanart a friend made for me from my SPN (Supernatural TV show)convention pictures.
I think they turned out really cute, but I think I want to try some layered Acrylic, maybe black and white to give them some more depth; not sure yet just trying some things out.
These 2 key chains are of Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester.
I just did a basic Cut outline and a Score for the details.


Looking good.

Very cute!

Cute start!

I love acrylic projects, beautiful job. :grinning:


Adorable, and agreed—they would also look great in layers of colored acrylic.

Came out looking great! Experience tells me that you’re going to need more room between the edge and the hole. They break easily while in use. :neutral_face:


Thanks for that info, since these were my 1st cuts where I actually added the hole for the key ring i noticed I had placed them really close to the edge. It’s a learning process!! LOL!