My First Edge Lit Sign

The settings aren’t dialed in yet for the PR units, so we still need to run a few tests on the new materials.

(Try 90/30/.125 for the PG acrylic. I don’t get any flashback at those settings.) :relaxed:


will do.

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Do run a few small tests though, there’s no telling whether we have the same machine setup. :wink:


Nice! Reminds me of the Zynga dog. I’ve heard that edge lit looks better if you sand the edge to rough it up. Is that true in anyone’s experience?

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Cool! Looks great to me. Nice description of your process to get the 3D from pixels to vector :slight_smile:

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I noticed a bit of flash back on a maple cut, and tried a piece of sacrificial paper underneath. Barely a spec after that.
Of course dialing in the settings is the solution, but as you get close to the ideal settings, degree of damage to the paper will give a visual indicator of how close you are.

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Good thing I kept reading…I was just going to reply back with this!!

I actually like the back honeycomb effect…I’ll be posting something cool about that soon :slight_smile:

Oooh. You’ve figured out how to control it?

Sorry, no, that’s not it, but would a piece of thin cardboard / card stock / sacrificial wood underneath not work out?

My finding is actually something cool about it (well, to me, anyway; not sure about how others will feel)…

Mwahahahah, I think this is what @dan must feel like when he drops hints of cool things to come…


I will try that tonight as I am planning a cut for a different project (not edge lit, but I can just to see) and have to see if I have some thin scrap…

I seem to recall :glowforge: staff using newspaper underneath at show videos.

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Aha. That’s easy…

Ooohhh…would damp newspaper work better, or worse?

Hard one to call on. It adds the complication of steam and heat retention, neither of which should be severe enough to be a problem.

The paper will likely stick to your acrylic if wet, which may or may not be a problem.

The paper is unlikely to catch fire anyway, so being wet doesn’t particularly help with that. And besides, by the time the paper burns, the water has all evaporated anyway.

It MAY reduce char from paper to acrylic. But if you are using actual newsprint, it likely will result in ink transfer.

My suspicion is there are tradeoffs to using wet over dry, and the points in favor of either option are so minor that it would be personal preference in the end.


And so, for my next test…


Then again, maybe mixing steam and electronics is not the best idea in the world…

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I did it all afternoon. Engraving damp reed. The air assist sucks the steam right out with the smoke.

Smells a little like popcorn.


You could try wiping the edges with acetone to smooth out the cut marks