My first experiment with conventional jigsaw puzzles

These are super waterproof and very thin. Probably the combo of the polyester and laser printing.

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Nope. The photo is printed on a slightly shiny white sticker material sheet that you just run through the laser printer, then peel off the backing and stick to the draftboard.


These are great!

I am personally looking for something higher end but your techneqe will come in handy for many things.

I’m about to run up to Michal’s and get some glue/laminater and then to HF for some foam brushes…

I have masking on the way, everyone needs some but I like how you reused yours. Oh! I need to get a roller while I’m out.


Oh I see now. Thanks!

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That’s pretty great. It looks like they also make a similar product for inkjet as well.


The problem with that one is it is vinyl based.

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I’m looking, but I’m not seeing where it states the material.

It’s deep, if you don’t find it I’ll post it when I get home to a real computer.

I dug around a bit. But if you don’t mind posting it, that’d be great. Of course, if you don’t feel like it, I won’t mind! :wink:

Here’s a spot that says they are vinyl based. Not sure if it is PVC vinyl, or hey are just using it as a generic reference to a plastic material. They did respond quickly when I asked for verification on the material in the polyester laser printable ones.