My first foray into ceramic tile

I found some sketches of star wars stuff on Pinterest and decided they looked very “take on me” esque. Anyways I decided to try the tile sitting around. 1000 parsecs, full power to deflection shields, 450 DPI.


Those turned out great! Particularly like how the tie fighter looks. :grinning:

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Oh my. You folks are kicking these tiles up to a whole new level. Amazing!

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Stunning turn out!

These are epic. Love the tie fighter detail. :star_struck:

Love that. Gotta ask where you got those images from cause I want those sitting on my desk now.

Hopefully this works.

Sweet! They turned out quite good. :sunglasses:

That tie fighter was so awesome, I just had to see if I could replicate it! I used your settings with the image and it came out pretty dang good. Made a quick little frame for it out of PG draftboard and some fancy Rustoleum paint. Think I’m going to give it to my boss on Monday, he’s a huge Star Wars fan. Doesn’t hurt that it’s review time at work either!


@joshnmary484 Thanks for the link.

Mine looks awesome. Just like yours. Thanks again.