My first impression

Some I’ve heard… larger than expected; yes. (Glad I got the sturdy computer desk), sleek design; yes. Amazingly so, in my opinion… much like the ooos and ahhhs over the iphone… I think @dan had the right team in place… I liken my reaction to the first time I viewed the bridge of the Enterprise… not Kirk’s campy 60’s Batman style…but Picard’s new modern bridge… yes, like that. Very well done and worth a long wait.
All that being said… delivery was somewhat of a heart attack. All four handles were in place and THEN the delivery buy starts rolling it end over end up the stairs… Oh the inhumanity! Fortunately the packaging was planned to allow for rampaging gorillas. Another check in the plus column for less calls to support.


And that’s when the heart attack started… :grin: