My first integration of fused glass and laser cut material

I’m not sure whether I grew new brain cells or killed brain cells to create this first integration of my fused glass art with laser cut material:

The learning process was… fraught, but ultimately successful! I showed several photos of new work, including this photo, to the owner of the gallery where I sell my fused glass. She asked specifically about this piece (Buddha and Suns) and was gaga over it! Hope she feels the same when she sees it in person. The entire piece is 6x6 inches.



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Very cool! (But i’d be afraid to prop it up like that to take the picture. Of course, I break glass things.) :smile:

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Glass fusing is all about breaking and healing. :smiley:


What a fantastic combination. Lovely piece.

Gosh, it came out great! Is the metallic looking frame part made of acrylic?

It’s spray painted bamboo!

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That is such a beautiful composition!

Thank you! It’s hard to go wrong with Buddha. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the combination of materials, textures, and colors you used in this piece. Definitely gaga-worthy!

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