My first large project. Counter top engrave across 4 sheets of proof grade


So, our liquor store has a plain white tile counter top, so i decided to design something a bit better looking. The engrave is 22 inches across, the counter top is 25 inches by 8 feet. We’re going to buy enough 1/8th ply to cover the rest, sand it all down together, possibly epoxy fill the engrave with black, (maybe red lettering) but we have not decided yet. Clear epoxy the entire thing pretty thick, and we should have a nice looking counter top for the store.

Dollar bill for scale.


Sweet! Be sure to update the thread with pics of the additional work you do to it!


I kinda like the idea of the Proofgrade sticker staying on there. Some kinda play on proof. I dunno!


Haha, yeah… but it would not survive all the sanding to be done. Will update when installing it, hopefully within a few weeks.


Is this where we place orders for bourbon?


Well, i bartended for over 20 years, so yeah I guess so!


No need to pour. I want bottles. :smiley:


Nice alignment


Really cool idea! You can pick up some powdered pigments for cheap on amazon that mix well for the epoxy fill. Pretty much any color you want.


and, if you have a Michaels close by, they tend to cary the PearlEx pigments by Jacquard, which mix well with epoxy. You can use one of their weekly coupons to get a pack pretty cheap.


I almost bought one yesterday at Michael’s, but there were a lot of colors I didn’t really want. I found the same brand on amazon and instead of 3 gram containers, they are 14 grams…and they’re only about $6. I think I’m just going this route to get the 3 or so colors I want.

HINT: at my Michael’s, they didn’t know where they were. I had to look all over. They were really low over by the scrapbooking stuff…near the ink pads.


Thanks, i have the pigments though. Have done several test projects on here with them so far :wink:
(I have a Hobby Lobby about 2 blocks away from my house that sells them.)


These guys carry clear epoxy…

I am going to use this product on the drink holders and tables I am going to make for our basement.

probably going with a cobalt blue color to contrast the black pool table.


Thanks! Bookmarked that page for future reference. Been working with this so far though.

It’s been really good, and I have hardly made a dent in it, (maybe i over ordered a bit :blush: )


Yea, when I know what color I want I order the bigger containers, as far as smaller amounts to experiment with, their 40% off on one item coupon (or however much it was) made it a no-brainer for me :smile: