My first leather projects

I did this first wallet about a month ago:

It is made from 3 oz veg tan leather. The squid image something I found online, but I make the wallet pattern in Inkscape.

There are a couple of flaws that made good learning experiences. I masked both sides of the leather before doing the engraving and the black smudges around the squid are charred tape and adhesive that stained the leather as I was trying to remove the masking. After a few months of use, most of the marks have faded and what is left looks like normal wear and tear.

There is also an extra hole on one side and a missing stitch on on the other because I forgot to flip the outside pattern before cutting it and there are different numbers of stitches on either side.

I had to find a birthday present for an avid kayaker so I decided to make another one.

This time I made fewer mistakes and added designs to the inside as well as the outside.



Lovely gift! :grinning:

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That’s a very nice wallet design. I like both #1 and #2.

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Love that squid image, it’s perfect for a wallet.
Some mistakes to less mistakes, sounds like progress!

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They’re both very nice! Have to say I especially love the kayak one … reminds me of a friend. Nice job!

Thanks. The squid is fun but the fact that the kayak is my own design makes it more satisfying.


Yes the squid design is awesome. It engraved on to wood really well too.

Good job. Custom details make it more than just a wallet.

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Great applications of those images on leather!! Anyone have some good sources of leather materials?

I ended up buying an entire side of 2-3 oz veg tan from the Leather Guy ( I have not shopped around, but I was happy with what I got. There are a few flaws on the top side, but they are minor and I think the flaws don’t detract from the stuff I am making with the large saddle stitched seams and unburnished edges.


Thanks for the info! That’s helpful! I did order some sample from Rich
Leather International ( which was a source listed by other