My first leather wallet project (and free design)

I have been enjoying using my Glowforge for leather projects lately. I had some time off over the holiday break and wanted to level up my skills in between family activities. I started out with simple laser cut key chains and then learned some basic saddle stitching that I started incorporating. After doing a dozen or so key chains, and custom designing a Christmas Tree ornament I decided to try something a little more ambitious - enter the wallet.

I am quite happy with how it turned out! I found the project online from MakeSupply, who I also have purchased some templates on Etsy from for my keychains. Link to template/info here:

The video includes links to all the materials, and it’s really quite good and easy to follow along but you do need to have some basic leather working skills. Basic skills you’ll need for this project apart from laser cutting:

  • I used a drill bit in each hole to burnish the holes, so the thread didn’t get black (works great)
  • Applying leather balm / jojoba oil to hydrate the leather
  • Leather or Rubber cement to glue the pieces on
  • Saddle Stitching for the holes

I really like the leather and it cut very clean. Best of luck if you try this project, and let me know if you have any questions!


That is very impressive, and thank you for sharing the design.


Great idea to use a drill. I always make my thread really long so on the the first part of the thread (that’s left over when the project is done) gets blackened. It works pretty good. Thanks for the share. Yours turned out beautiful!


Wonderful work!