My first lighted shadowbox


My first attempt at a backlit papercut shadow box. (And first project worthy of the “Made on a Glowforge” category!) I have yet to master the delicate art of getting cardstock to cut without charring or smoke staining the white paper, but the front panel was cut from some Canson art board I picked up on clearance at Michael’s. This stuff is about 0.056" thick and cuts and engraves beautifully.


Nicely done! I love the magical feel of shadowbox art.


Very nice! :grinning:




Well done.


Love it!


These are on my list of things to figure out!


Same here, I’ve tried by hand before and completely failed - I figure GF is the answer to my cack-handedness for this


Awwwww, adorable!

What I do about the charring on white card stock is dip a cotton swab in bleach (just slightly damp, not too wet) and run it over the charred bits. Works wonders!


I’ll have to try that, thank you!


That looks great! Brings up a number of ideas for gifts. :smiley: