My First Map - Golf Course

This is my first attempt at a map. It measures 24x30 without the frame. I wanted to do something unique that would take some time. This did not disappoint! It took about 2 months to complete. It required converting online maps to vector (easy part), and manually vectorizing the golf course (Illustrator). Inputting and sizing street names, and setting the image up correctly so Glowforge would easily separate items so I could determine what gets scored vs engraved vs cut. Then sectioning it all for cutting since Glowforge can only cut about 11x18.5 at a time. Once cutting was complete, the next step was painting what seemed to be an endless number of tiny pieces, two tone fairways, greens and tee boxes. Then if that wasn’t enough, glue every tiny piece in place. I got very good with tweezers. The finishing touch was the signature plate and custom frame I created.


I like the little hole plaques. Nice map.


Very well thought out and unique. Your attention to detail such as the roads and Yardage Signs is awesome.


Wow. The attention to detail is incredible.


I love the detail on each green. I’m now inspired to try a map!


This is fantastic! Great work! I love the hole sign details


Welcome to the forum! Very nice project.


That’s mighty impressive for a first map. Welcome to the forum!

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Can I call this a hole in one.


I played Chaparral Pines many times. its a great course and your map is awesome! Well done!

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Oh, very cool! I’ll bet you could do ski slope trail maps as well!

Great execution! The design is fantastic, too. Nice job! How thick are the roads on the map?

I cut everything out of 1/4" MDF board (Home Depot). Set Glowforge profile to Thick Basewood Plywood and modified the cut profile to Speed=165 and 2 passes to make sure everything cut thru 100%.

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Thanks! And how wide are the roads?

It varies based on the type of road. Ave is 1/4"

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Excellent work! Welcome to the forum!

This is sooooooo awesome!!! Too bad we don’t live on a golf course any longer!

Wow, this is amazing! You’re going to be addicted to making maps now by the way haha

OK people… clearly a violation of the rules! this is way too cool for a first run.

going to go out to my pool pump and admire the tags I made for my valve positions when I go home.

seriously though. well done.


LOL! Thanks. Trust me, I’ve made plenty of signs leading up to this.

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