My first original - an oversized Ivy luggage tag

I am so excited to have made my first original piece! I have a sorority regional conference coming up so I decided to make a big luggage tag. The back (which isn’t shown) has my name. Here is the front. I used Proofgrade Medium Basswood Plywood. I think I used regular settings for all. I made the svg in illustrator. In order to get the writing to show up in the GFUI, I selected the text and clicked “Create Outlines” and then saved as svg. Once I imported it into the GFUI, I applied the CUT setting for the ivy leaf and the hole and then used the ENGRAVE setting for the letters. I figure I can use leather for the strap and thread it through the hole. I am happy with how it looks but wonder if I can get it to look better. Maybe I should add some texture to it? What do you think? I don’t remember the font I used. I should have taken a pic before closing the UI.


Looks good, but that stem likely won’t last in the hands of any baggage handlers.


Looks great! Nothing like the feeling of that first piece that’s all your own.


Good point!!!

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Good point!

Make it out of leather?


Hard to get both sides with information but you could glue two pieces together before cutting, Another way is to have the design in a circle for support,