My first original design... based on my pen and ink drawing

Here’s my first attempt! I am a detailed pen and ink artist… my mom requested her favorite drawing in a ornament size. This was done on proof grade draft board as a test. I used Illustrator to change my drawing into a vector… and went from there. Lost a little bit of fine detail but overall I am pretty happy with it. Weeding was lots of fun :crazy_face:


That’s awesome.

As for weeding, there are two methods I’d recommend here. One is the tried and true gorilla duct tape method. Given how fine some of this is, it should work pretty well. Stick the tape down firmly across the surface and carefully peel away.

The other method that might work even better is the plastic razor scraper method. (Thanks, @jules, excellent idea).

I use this one.


Thanks!! I just tried packing tape. I will pick up some Gorilla duct tape… and possibly the scrapers too :slight_smile:

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I gotta say I was a skeptic about the scrapers, and now it’s all I reach for on something like this.

For lots of small parts, I use a blue painters tape sandwich. Mask, cut, completely cover both sides with blue tape, then peel the tape away. (This works on non pg materials, tbh never tried it with pg, as I rarely use the stuff)


It’s 95-100% effective, complete game changer on removing masking for lots of small parts.

For engraves like yours, it’s plastic scraper for me.


OOOOOHHHHH!! What is the layer you are using as a mask? Is that maple wood or birch?

That’s baltic birch, 3mm. The masking I use is:

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I sure hope you share more of your drawings. I love this!


thank you! I will share as I go. Love this new adventure :heart:

Thank you!! So helpful. Ordering now!

Just tried a second run… this time on maple on draft setting.


That expression on that fox is just amazing. So glad that you shared this.


Get yourself some padauk. It’s orange, and would work so well with this.

Try Ocooch, they usually have it in stock.


Beautiful drawing!! Your engraving looks good on draftboard and the maple!

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Beautiful artwork!

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Thank you!

It lost some of my fine details but overall I think its pretty good.

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Really nice artwork. Keep sharing!

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