My first ouija board for teen sleepover!

My niece and little are having a sleeimage pover and wanted to play on ouija board for true Halloween spirit. We don’t have one but I have some Baltic birch and had downloaded some great fonts. I used my drawings for the poppies and did design in procreate 5 and Canva. I’ll post the whole thing tomorrow


Very cute. Let us know how the party goes!


They had so much fun planning the photoshoot they forgot to play with the ouija board. Now I am on a bit of a design kick on these. This is one of the photos from today’s shoot. The girls did all their own MUA and styling


That’s pretty cute. You really could do some awesome customization for the board.

It is interesting the different perspectives on the ouija board though.

I have had folks drop them off at the church office because they didn’t know what to do with them and were afraid of some bad juju if they threw them out themselves.


Thank you! The smallest wanted a ouija board that was more nature witch than scary so I used a font I picked up and did some nature drawing for it.

To be fair we are a pretty weird family☺️

Some people get really afraid of them. Ouija boards have a pretty fascinating history though.

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