My first Passthrough

I have been putting off this project since my Glowforge arrived. I had hoped by now we would have some type of passthrough automation available to us. Time to do it the hard way. My reunion is next week.

These pics are actually the second “8” I am building. I reworked a few things, and am reasonably pleased with the results.
I think one thing that helped was locking down the crumb tray with some Hot Melt glue. My tray is loose, and I got a lot of movement when I set up the first cuts.

Here is the cut, with the smaller 8 in the picture representing the max size of the native bed.
Right left alignment dead onimage

Up down was a little off.


That’s a big one! (And a little sanding takes care of the slight miss.) Great job! :sunglasses::+1:

OH. That’s not big…

I couldn’t figure out how to do this on the Glowforge though, and my Maslow isn’t set to arrive until late June, so I did it by hand.


I sit corrected! :smile:

What did you use to design the number to use the pass through feature? I want to try a letter.

I used Fusion 360. It’s what I know best for vector drawings.

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