My First Pet Portraits Big and Little

Dark grey Lucyfur photo lightened and tinted with photoshop, 8x8 on baltic birch 1/8 plywood, larger on a pre assembled wooden frame from Amazon 11x14 modified draft photo settings to 450 dpi and 2 passes smaller on each, 675 dpi on larger. I probably should have varied the power. I may redo the larger one over. It looks much better farther away. Original Pic is below as well.


They came out great! You’ve got the settings really nailed down.

By the way, we can only discuss settings in Beyond the Manual, so I’ve moved your post there for you. If you prefer it to stay in Made On A Glowforge, I’ll be happy to move it back after settings info has been removed.


Thanks Cynd11. I’ll remember to leave out the settings in my next post.

Love the name Lucyfur!!! She is a beautiful kitty with mesmerizing gorgeous eyes!!!

Particularly love the outcome on the smaller one.