My first photo engraves


Used a really great photo of my friend’s daughter that she had posted on Facebook, made it into B&W from color, and did an engrave on BB ply. Didn’t want to waste my good stuff in case it came out badly. I think it has now earned the privilege of being done on some nice Proofgrade material! I have a roll of very low tack masking, so I used that on it. The ply was very slightly warped, so I taped all four corners down. Now, I have hope to finally be able to do my dad’s Navy photo better than it was before. I had everything all set up to engrave and realized I had no cut line ready, so went ahead and engraved, (moved nothing) then went back and added a cut line. It’s the one on the right. I had that centering issue again, but this was mostly a test anyway, so didn’t worry about it. That engrave (on the right) was at 270 LPI…medium dark. The one on the left was a dark engrave at 340. I like them both, but think I prefer the dark one.


Yeah, I like the dark one too! Awesome! :grinning:


Wow! That’s stunning…


Came out great! I think you’ve got the method mastered now!


Your engravings are looking fantastic. I like the darker one best too, but they are both real good looking. Thank you for giving your settings too.


Thanks. I would like to think so, but time will tell. I still have that one of my dad that was giving me grief because of his white sailor hat. If I can get that one done well, then I’ll feel like I’ve finally ‘arrived’.


Wow! And, to think, that’s not even :proofgrade:!
And, yeah… Dark one is better IMHO.

I haven’t done a photo, really, since the one of my kids. Turned me off a bit. But I keep seeing these wonderful photos from you and others recently and I think it’s time I gave it another go.


You did that with Baltic Birch ply!? Wow… just wow.

I would love to see this on Proofgrade.


That’s what I thought, too…but as luck would have it, support asked me to stop using the PRU. But, in another 6 weeks or so, I will sure be doing more.


My first photo attempt, the one of my dad in the Navy in 1919, never did turn out well…and I tried so many times it was extremely frustrating. If nothing else, I’ve learned that it’s the quality of the photo you’re trying to use that will determine the outcome. I’m still holding out for a time that I’ll be able to make the one of my dad look as well as these do. Keep the faith!


I know you and a few others have worked that photo a few times, but if you want another set of eyes on it, just say the word!


Beautiful job…and the dark one with a bit more contrast/detail does look better. :+1:


Very nice! I agree with the darker version. :sunglasses:


Both of those look great! But I agree with the other that the darker one is a little better.