My First Photo Frame

Made a frame for my favorite wedding photo with a section for a piece of my bouquet (backed by black card stock). Three layers, MDF, clear acrylic, and birch ply. I just super glued it all together, but I wouldn’t do that again, it still smells like a nail salon in here.



Looks good. Don’t worry the smell eventually goes away…:grin:

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I had to enlarge the photo to see how you did the date. Wonderful technique!

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Good frame design.

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The flower inset is neat. Hydrangeas are my favorite, although they weren’t available in October when we got married. I ended up with some other blue flower. Anyway, great job!

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Nice work!
There would be minimal smell from opening the door of the machine… that suggests your venting has a leak in it somewhere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, it’s the super glue that smells. The machine is fine.


Wow, it came out great! And, congratulations!

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Lovely and creative! Love the addition of the flower.