My first posts

Well this my first real glowforge post but I love seeing other people’s work so I thought I would share. I am a hobbiest and have done juried pottery shows for many years since I retired early from teaching. I wanted to make and sell something lighter and less breakable. So I will start the shows over again working up to the juried shows I used to do,
So here I have tried 2 techniques for journal covers. These are actually sketch pads. First is one that is just cut except for the quote. Pretty quick. The second was for my son after he saw the first but couldn’t decide what design he wanted. I wanted to send his Christmas package out and couldn’t wait any longer as the package also contained cookies. It was a 3D etch. Took a bit of time. He loved it. Cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol because that was what was sitting on the counter. Next posts won’t be this long Promise.


Nice work. I’m a sucker for geometric patterns.

Can you share the source for the unadulterated notepads?


That’s cool! (I like that monkey!) :smile:


I have bought them after school starts when they are heavily discounted and with my 50% off coupons at the craft stores. I’m trying to stick to brand names so they can reuse the covers. At least for now.


Offtopic: technically an ape…


I was thinking similar but thinking chimp (weird how the mind won’t leave something like that alone. If it could the Internet would be half its current size)


Oh, very nice! The chimp actually looks 3D, great detail.

And I don’t think your post is too long at all!


This is really eroding my resolve not to get into making notepads.


The recipients really do love them.

These are both really nice. I like the design best … But the other is pretty neat also!

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