My first print

Hi, I’m new here and it is awesome to have joined the glowforge family!! My first print came out beautiful. The only thing that I didn’t understand is when I used the word template to engrave while highlighted it showed no artwork until I changed the setting to 3D engrave.


Have you worked through the First Prints tutorial to become familiar with the settings of the interface? If your only option was 3D engrave, it was because of the file type you were using. For many files, 3D engraving will not be an option.


Yes, I went through file types and one of them saved it to svg but I couldn’t find that file.

It came out great!


It did come out beautifully!

As far as showing no artwork except for 3D, each setting has a different speed, and the “size” of your available space changes depending on the speed of the operation - when you’re in the GFUI you should see grey bars. It’s likely your art was close to an edge and the other operations were putting it outside the available area for the other settings.


It was the picture taken when I uploaded here it cut the end off for some reason. I was having trouble with the template. Thank you

Nice work and sentiment.


Looks great! Each project teaches us something new. Have fun!

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