My First Product! A simple ornament



I purchased my Glowforge with money left to me by my Grandmother Angelina when she passed away. My intent is to translate my art into a variety of products to help sustain my family. This is one series I plan to develop. I used an original image I painted of San Pascual, patron Saint of the kitchen. I used my iPad to trace over the image and make a graphic outline. I hand drew a nice frame for the image and created an SVG file in Adobe Illustrator for the outline for cutting the ornament border. It was incredible how fast it was to get from art to ornament. I plan to use the frame and cut outline for other ornament designs. At $20, I will need to sell a mere 100 ornaments to pay for my Glowforge! I think my grandmother is smiling down at me and I’ve named my GF after my Grandmother.


I’m afraid your photo didn’t come through, but I love the story. Yay grandmothers!


Oh darn–I couldn’t get it to upload from my phone or ipad, but I think it’s up now, thanks for letting me know! Sharing the photo is the fun part.


Oh it’s wonderful! Every bit as good as the story.


Ah, that’s lovely, and a lovely story to boot! :grinning:


Agree. Great ornament. Best of luck to you.


It looks charming, and I’d love to hear about your continued progress with paying off your 'Forge with your products. You’ve already started a great story.


Will do!


Gorgeous! Can you truly sell it for $20? I haven’t been able to figure out value of the things I’ve made. I know to set it at what the market will bear, just not sure how to get there.


I love your artwork style, a lot! And, sure liked the story about your grandmother, too…it was heart warming.


I’m going to a meeting tomorrow to try to sell them wholesale and I’m using this one as a sample. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Great story to go along with your Glowforge!


Well, great news—the Shop bought my two prototypes on the spot and placed an order for 4 more! They were comfortable with a $20-$25 retail price. They especially loved that I could add custome text to create a name drop for their location.


May I ask what amount you sold them to the store for?


$12 wholesale. But, I’m considering dropping it to $10 now that I have my pattern down. I think I will sell a lot more if I can get the retail under $20.


Seems like a good profit. I’ve found that the smaller pieces bring a better return. With the cost of proofgrade some of the bigger pieces seem to need to be overpriced to get back a reasonable profit. I’m no expert in pricing, having just begun a website and trying now to gauge the value of material and time to create the work.


I’m thinking that would look fabulous on a tile as a coaster. Nice job and good luck.


Yes, I’m just beginning to feel out the margins to see where the best profits are.


Thank you! I designed it so that I could print it larger on a full size board for a nice hanging piece, too. Maybe a cutting board? How about a rubber stamp? I love the fact that once I invest in the design, I can experiment with endless materials and sizes!


Such a touching story. I look forward to seeing a whole collection of ornaments in the near future!