My first project after testing the GF a few days, personalized name puzzle

I love the simply beautiful design.

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This is really great! I recently did the same thing for my sister’s twins and my cousin’s newborn, but just the lettering + their birthdates engraved underneath.
The animal outlines are a really great touch, and I love the circular cut outs to help their little fingers. I wish I’d thought of that.

In the interest of sharing notes:

  • I had a lot of trouble getting my two layers of wood to line up nicely so I ended up cutting registration holes as part of the design in the corners that I then screwed through during the glue up to keep everything aligned. They have the added benefit of making it easy to turn the puzzles into a hanging name plates for the kids doors when they get older.
  • I only had two clamps so I made a bunch with my gf, because why not.
  • I used a more curvy font, but it makes it harder to get the letters out.
  • I used pg maple hardwood, which also has a finish. I sanded the surface of the letters before painting. I bought FolkArt Multi Surface Acrylic Paint from amazon. It took a couple of tests to get the finish I wanted, but I was really happy with the result.

I wish I had a decent photo to share, but unfortunately this is the best I took, with terrible lighting and only of the letters drying while the boards are clamped at the top.


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your write up and photo. I look forward to seeing your next projects.


Great place to start, a gift!


That is wonderful! I love it.

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With you creating this in Power Point, how did you import it so the Glowforge recognized what to cut and score? I used different colored lines, but once I bring it in, it just lumps everything as one item and doesn’t recognize the different colored lines. I love the idea and was making my grand daughter one, but stuck on that. Thanks.

I did nothing actually, everything was just black, and the glowforge just recognized the three separate objects, the rectangle shapes, the letters and the animals. I used shapes in PP to make the rectangles with just the outline and no fill, word art for the letters with only outlines and no fill, same goes for the animals. You can find the animals as symbols in PP.

Ok, thanks. Maybe I was making it too complicated. Appreciate the feed back.