My first project on day two


This was a coaster design I put together as my first project from scratch. I am not very adept in Inkscape but it has been fun learning and thank you to all of the folks who have posted tutorial videos. I am pretty blown away by how easy this has been to get up and going. I’m looking forward to diving into fusion 360 to try and do some 3D engraving. Anyway, this was a fun way to start.


I like the parts that stick up to lock them in a stack. Simpler than a box.


Me too! That’s sharp! :grinning:


Thanks, I wanted to do something different. One thing I would change is the slots that they go into. I should have made those about 1/32 wider so that they would slide on easier. As it stands now, They get a bit stuck on the holder. I’ll have to file them down a little.


Yeah that base is clever. Well done!


that’s a great change of structure to make a base.


They look great!


that is really cool…!


The clever idea for the base.

Making it in Inkscape while learning the program.

Day 2.

Nice Job. I will now go hide in a cave somewhere.


Haha, thanks! It was a bit of trial and error/luck really. I just wanted something that matched the aesthetics.


What a cool design! It’s so Frank Lloyd Wright-esque.


Love the base … always find the boxes to be cumbersome.


Neat stacking method. You’re off to a great start!


Love that unique base! Nice job!!