My first project - Shaun the Sheep


So my GlowForge finaly came in and i was over excited to fire it up! Soon i realised i’m terrible at using Inkscape. But as much trouble i had, so easy it was for the machine to bring my ideas to life! As i proud father i made my son something to smile :grin:

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child.


Great job!




Love it!


I LOVE this! My daughter and I both survived a bout of the flu this winter by binge-watching entire seasons of Shaun the Sheep! That’s fantastic work for a first project!


That’s a great first project!


Oh my goodness! So cute!


Oh, this is simply adorable! I’d say you’ve got a pretty lucky child.



Cuteness abounds! :smile:


Hahaha that is exactly what I would do! Thank you


Yet another great stop motion!