My First Project — Stained Glass / Wood Relief



Got my Glowforge on Monday, and committed to have this piece ready for a gallery today! It’s amazing how fast you can do beautiful things when a robot does all the manufacturing — and with a few very late nights!

It’s a stained glass (well, acrylic) / wood relief nativity. It’ll be on display in Palo Alto, CA at the Christmas Crèche Exhibit starting this Saturday.

Turns out this thing is really difficult to photograph. Haven’t had a chance to do a real photoshoot so I can make a composite of the exposures, but here are three images from which you should be able to get the gist:


That is just B E A U T I F U L ! ! !


Simply stunning! :grinning:


Ohmygosh! You certainly hit the ground running. It’s fabulous!



need to show this to my wife as an inspiration piece.


Well done.


How’d you do the colors?

Nice work!


They’re just small pieces of translucent acrylic, cut to size with the GF!


Here’s a much better pic of it on display at the exhibit.


I love it!


So unbelievably gorgeous! The colors are beautiful together. Do you mind sharing what acrylic you’re using? (Is it translucent or opaque?)


Yeah sure! They all came from Inventables.
I used Poppy, Phantom, Wedgewood, Kiwi and Daffodil.

Cut at full power, 135 speed.✓&selected_filters[Opacity][]=Translucent&selected_filters[Dimensions][]=8+in+×+12+in


Here’s what it looks like from the back, opened up:


delightful color selections!


What a beautiful project! Thanks for sharing it


Oh man, you’re killing me smalls, now I have to place another order. :slight_smile: I had been eyeballing those colors but had been able to hold off until now. Thanks for the share. Really nice build.


Sounds like you hit the ground running. Can’t wait to see what else you make!