My first public project


Most of my original projects have been for family and friends or very similar to what everyone else is posting and are the essential getting to know your forge projects. This was my first “real” project I attempted and I have to say it was a blast. It turned out great and the detail is amazing. Hope everyone is having fun with the forge they received. I am not as artistic as most on here and this was a downloaded file from last Christmas.


So cool! Congrats and nice job!


Absolutely stunning! Can’t believe the details! :grinning:


That’s amazing! Looks great!!


It would be a very cool gift, and could also function as a unique gift box. Very nice!


That is such a nice project. It really shows off what the laser cutter can do. You should make the whole train. Thank you for sharing this with us. :blush:


Going to finish train this weekend


Nice! Awesome job!


I just now noticed the Christmas wreath on the side…and can just picture this as part of holiday decor. Very nice!


I can hear that train a comin’! Comin’ round the bend. Choo Choo! nice print.


That was a missed opportunity! Could have played some johnnny cash while I assembled. Have to try that when I do the rest


Wonderful print!


Choo choo! I love it.


This is so cool! Nicely done.


That’s a fun project! Is the file free for download anywhere, and if so can you send us link?


It was free at Christmas. I’m not sure if it’s free and I don’t have the link anymore to it. But the file is from cartunos and should be easy enough to find


That is SMASHING! I love it! I’m a fan of old trains, of lasers, and of Christmas.
Thanks for posting. It makes me happy.




I feel like the little kid watching the neighbors through the fence as they play with their cool new toys.