My first real photo etching

I have dabbled a litttle bit, even did a custom photo collage for a client on canvas board, but really happy how this came out on PG Maple Ply-- my grand nephew that I’ll give to my niece (his mom), and also a copy to her mom (my sister). I did seal it as I added key rings, so they can add it to theirs, and with a caribiner for my neice so she can hook it to a bag or even use for stuff going to his day care.

I spent a lot of time testing different grey scale & decreasing colors, but best was using the color image, adjusted contrast slightly, and HD Photo setting.


Turned out great! Bet everyone loves them! :grinning:

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Thanks! I think this will be the first of many…

Was fun to work on something not for my booth for a big show this weekend & another one the following weekend. Not counting the cool way to add images to leather, I love finally having really nice looking signs for my booth!

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Neat idea, my wife seen yours now I have to make some for grand kids bags they take to daycare.


Nice job on this. You maybe will be making similar items for a long while.

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What a fun gift!

OK, just have to share these–I did a full size of my grand nephew on the tile for a coaster (cork backed), his grandpa took it–so not to miss a chance for a new market, making signs for my booth this weekend to advertise a bit (his grandma asked about any commission on orders, so I agreed to matchbox cars!).

And of course for pets, and had to do one with my cat.

This was reduced to 4 colors after going gray scale.

And I love these tiles I have left over from kitchen tiling project–very thick tile & glaze, which the laser doesn’t penetrate the glaze, but produces a silvery-grey mark.


Cute, cute, cute!

Nice work