My first rubber stamp

My first rubber stamp! I repurposed an old block from Stampin Up!, low-odor rubber from Johnson Plastics, and Silhouette Studio Software! It stamps well but next time I will use a bolder font for the “Made for” text. Oh and I used Aleen’s Tack-it Over and Over adhesive so it can also be used on a stamping tool like the Misti.


Looks great! I love stamp projects. I’ve tried a few myself. :slight_smile:

I finally tried polymer on the recommendation of a post by @cynd11. There is really good advice on stamp making in this thread.Art Laser Polymer Stamps How To

It led me to try polymer. It’s fantastic on the the Misti. Does the low-odor rubber material work wll for you on the Misti? Since I have some rubber stamps, I’ll try your method on the Misti. Thanks for sharing!



It works well on the Misti with the Aleen’s repositional adhesive. Where do you get your polymer? I’d love to see some of your stamps!

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This looks like a time saver

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Nice stamp! You’ll love the clear polymer.

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