My First Solo Leather Project

I based it off of a design created by the patient and talented @madebynick

Material: Proofgrade™ Standard Natural Leather
Dye: Saddle Tan
Thread: 0.8mm Havana Cigar
Hole Spacing: ~2.5mm

Disclaimer: This is actually my second time stitching leather but my first leather project that I designed myself.



Workstation for scale

It’s a different experience to be on the other side of the forum. As a part of the CS team, I usually see tickets from you folks saying “Dan told me to write you.” This time, he told ME to write YOU!

Happy Friday!


Very nice and how do I get a cup like that?


Holy cow! (Really.) That’s your first leather project?
I’m back to feeling inadequate to the task.


Wow. So simple, and yet so gorgeously done.


LOL. What Mark said.

I like that - especially the credit card holders. I keep talking myself out of trying, you’re not helping that :slight_smile:


When F360 goes live with sheet metal tools I wonder if that will work well for designing leather?


Looks great! Well done, you. Can’t wait to try projects like that!

Edit: ditto the cup comment…

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Stop it!!


Absolutely beautiful. How far apart are your stitch holes? I’ve been using manual stitch punches for years and I’m looking forward to not being dependent on the punch size. Did you have any issues of tearing between the holes being that close together?
Also, I’ll make one minor suggestion. Before you dye and finish it (but after you stitch it), you might consider burnishing the edges. You may have done that here. It’s hard to tell in the photo. Regardless, I have a tool that I absolutely love for burnishing. Tandy leather sells a manual burnisher to use by hand. I bought a leather burnishing drill bit off of ebay many years ago and I use it all the time in my dremel. It’s such an easy handheld tool and works magic on the edges. Makes them shiny which looks great and tough which is more durable.


Oh gosh, I hope that design will be in the catalog because that is exactly the kind of thing I would make out of leather and don’t know how.


That’s sweet! I wanna start off with a simple, small wallet but I feel like I need to work up to it for my first project. You did such a sweet job on this, especially for being your first leather project… Now you need to engrave a design to stamp onto it!


May I ask what color dye you used? Also what kind and color stitching thread? Leather projects are high on my todo list when my “forge” arrives

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Nice stitching. Beautiful color. What weight of leather? So many questions.

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Thanks! I had to physically measure since I don’t have access to the design rn, but the stitch holes are about 2.5 mm apart. I didn’t have any tear issues while sewing - the leather is pretty tough.
I didn’t burnish the edges (was too excited to use it) but I might go back and do it. Thanks for the tips!


Burnishing tool for the Dremel? Sounds good to me!

I am going to need SO MANY new tools and supplies to accompany my Glowforge. I thought it was bad when I got the vinyl cutter… now I am a grown man with a stock of rhinestones on hand! (Hey, the wife wanted a shirt once, it seemed 100% reasonable to become a shirt factory.) But now I am going to need all these wood, leather, and plastic tools… “I’ve made a huge mistake.” :smile:


Your mouth to God’s ears, friend. Somehow, getting one new tool to make everything more efficient leaves me obligated to buy DOZENS MORE. Every darned time…


Absolutely gorgeous! A new wallet is actually one of the first projects I want to do. The last few months riding a horse all day has kind of ruined mine…

Dear Glowforge, could you please send me some GF swag along with my GF? I will love you forever. Thanks in advance! Yours Truly, @jonny_firebrand

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This is beautiful! Nice work!

Professional quality Production, default settings for the material? Stitching is perfect! The thread and dye colors are also. Especially like the catch. :sunglasses:

You shouldn’t have to be prompted to share such beautiful work. We eat that stuff up! Thank you!

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