My first startup problem

It ain’t just me I guess: Is the app down right now?
The Dude abides.

After a couple months of happy forging, including this afternoon, my Pro is doing an impression of a boat anchor tonight. At power-on, all the lights come on and the pump whirs, but I don’t hear any focus clicking and the head doesn’t move at all.

At first the app even showed I was online, but it had the photo from my previous session. The app was also being very slow to load the design page and very slow to process a very simple design that I have used before. The app now shows Offline.

I am not posting in P&S because I suspect this is an issue with the Magical Cloud and all will be well sooner or later. But since I was working on time-critical gifts tonight, this is pretty darn irritating so now y’all get to hear about it.

Yeah, my wifi is fine, the computer I am writing from also uses it, but I will reboot the router anyway just in case…


Never, ever, in a million years even whisper around an electronical pixie wrangler that you’ve a time critical thing to accomplish. That summons the gremlins, and we all know what happens when gremlins get involved.


I swear I kept it secret, but somehow it knew anyway!


They’re psychic that way. :neutral_face:

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