My first...thing. A.k.a. a box!

My background: graphic designer and lettering artist, with a grandfather who was an architect and who inspired my love for 3D and spatial thinking. So today, I made my first thing! After doing some quick research on hinges and playing around in AI, I figured out the hinges and how to secure the bottom to the sides.

Just playing around right now to learn the basics, but would love some thoughts/feedback so far! :smiley:


I’d bet you can find something to put in that box… and 100 other boxes. You can’t ever have too many boxes!

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Hah! Amen. I think I’ll tweak this one and use it for a pencil and pen holder. Right now, I am just psyched that I figured out the kerfing and hinges so they snap together without using glue. :smiley:


'Tis a fine box indeed! Now you have a nice blank canvas to add to.

Looks good! :slightly_smiling_face:

You did a great job on it! And now that you’ve figured out the kerf and such, you can use the design for many things.

Very nice, I like the satisfying click when you put them together.